Patriotic Daisy to Show Your Support

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The Patriot Daisy is attached to a card which reads, “Flowers, like people, come in many shapes, shades and sizes; always beautiful in their own ways. Own your beauty, wear a flower.”
A necessary reminder that the diversity of the people in the USA is one of the things that makes us great.
An original design of Sara Monica Flower Crafts

The Patriot Daisy is entirely made in the USA. The fabric was purchased from a small family owned fabric store in NJ. The fabric stiffener used to pre-treat the fabric is made from the ingredients of an American manufacturer. The die to cut the petals was custom made by a die maker in NYC. The vintage bronze mold used to shape the petals was hand designed and hand cast around the late 1800’s or early 1900’s by American flower tool artisans in NYC. The header card was printed in TX. And the final flower was entirely made (fabric washed, stiffened, stacked, die cut, petals pressed, petals assembled) in the Studio of Sara Monica Flower Crafts.

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