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Sara Monica LLC is an artisan studio of handmade fabric flowers for any purpose or occasion.

With the “Artisan Collection” we’re bringing back the long lost industry of making fabric flowers (also known as Millinery Flowers) back to America, with vintage tools and traditional methods. Any flower from the “Artisan Collection” can be custom made for you in America from your own fabrics, or feel free to buy one already made.

We also have some remaining imports for sale from a time before we had our own flower making tools, but no longer purchase imports for resale, since we make all our own petals now.

We are a small team of artisans hand making these flowers for you in the studio of Sara Monica Flower Crafts in Dunellen, NJ. We start from the preparation of the fabrics, by stiffening them in fabric stiffeners, then hanging them to dry. The fabrics are then folded, cut and stacked, right side up, either eight layers high or four layers high to be prepared to be die cut. Then the petals are die cut with custom made dies (cutting tools) to the shape of the petals. The dies (cutting tools) look like heavy duty and super sharp cookie cutters. At this point the petals are still very flat cutouts. To get their curves we place the petals in either heated custom made bronze flower petal molds or heated antique bronze flower petals molds. The heat from the mold technically “irons” the shape into the petal. So sometimes these flower molds are also known as “flower irons”. After that, it takes a very talented artisan with dexterous and skilled hands to assemble all the petals with glue to layer the petals into the shape of a flower. Once the flower is finished, a backing is added and then they are packaged into little boxes to protect them during shipping so they arrive to you in good condition.

Also, Sara Monica LLC has extensive experience in product development, importing and exporting in many other industries such as fashion accessories, home décor and scrapbooking; and does contractual product development and sourcing for other brand names.



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